How Loud Do I Need To Scream To Generate Attention in the Marketplace?


Depending on your brand, the industry, and whole host of other factors, getting heard over the noise can be a herculean task to be sure. The consumer market is saturated with products, brands, and businesses vying for their portion of the pie. Consumers, whether it’s via social, tv & radio, online advertising, billboards, and print, are constantly being inundated with brand messages for everything under the sun. The power to capture the fickle modern consumer can be difficult, but it’s truly key to getting your voice heard in the marketplace.

In order to be a product, brand, or business that consumers recognize, you’re going to have to put in the work. Brand impression, yes it’s tedious, but it’s crucial to building the consumer recognition required in this age of product saturation. The impression your brand makes on consumers can make or break you, so it’s important to get it right and keep it up. Today’s consumers require constant and consistent reminders about why your brand is the brand for them.

Speaking of brand impressions, it takes a lot of planning, strategizing, and reworking to achieve a strong, bold brand that can sneak to the front of the pack. Ask yourself hard questions like: Does my brand connect with consumers?

Does it inspire them? Is it memorable?

Where is it having an impact?

How can I increase its impact in other places?

Does my brand & messaging make it clear to consumers what it is we do or sell?

Does our brand/business have a story that consumers relate to in a meaningful way?

How can we rethink our approach in order to spark interest in the marketplace?

Another way to get more attention out in the marketplace is to invest in more original content that is, well, good. More bad content isn’t going to cut it. Original, well-thought out content can help you generate more search engine results, establish stronger connection between brands and consumers, and can strengthen overall brand awareness. More importantly, well-written and developed content keeps brands and business relevant in the fast-paced age of social content. If you’re a brand, say in the beauty industry, and you’re not posting at least four times a week to Instagram with highly curated and relevant content the speaks to your audience, you’re probably not going to last long. It’s a hard truth, but there it is.

Your website better be current, up to date, and mobile-friendly. You can post and share all day long on Instagram or Facebook, but if your website looks like 2006, you’re probably going to lose potential customers, especially if you forgot to optimize for mobile users. More than 60% of online sales are now done via mobile devices. You have to make sure your mobile shopping experience is seamless & informative. That means no big blocks of copy, short and snappy is key. Want or need to include more information about a topic? Pay a copywriter to write an blog post that will get your message across. Don’t put it all in a product description that is hard to read and distracts customers from the call to action.

Get creative and invest in marketing tactics that work. Connect with potential customers and brand loyalists in real life. Invest in strategic activations. Partake in a pop up. Team up with other businesses. And become involved in community events that will get your brand and business involved in the things that matter most to your customers. Brands and business do better when they blur the line between themselves and their consumers.


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